At Fitness Mechanics we believe in supporting communities. To us, having a stake in local communities means giving back by investing in the health and well-being of its members. We empower community wellness by supporting those who operate community fitness and recreation facilities. We do this through our Sponsorship Program.

We build healthier communities by assisting recreation centers and fitness facilities in obtaining the equipment they require, so their community members can access fitness opportunities right in their own local community. We believe the essence of giving back to the community means being there to fill a need and lend a helping hand. We are willing and able to do both! Our Sponsorship Program builds positive partnerships with local community centers and facilities. In this spirit of community building, we donate fitness equipment for communities to start a new recreation or fitness facility or supplement the current facility’s equipment.

We realize facilities are often working with small, limited or zero budgets. Our Green Program gives us the ability to donate refurbished or new fitness equipment to facilities who are in need, but don’t have the means to purchase the equipment. We work closely with each facility to design, supply and set up the equipment and products that best suits their unique situation.

Once the facility is up and running, we offer a reduced rate for the necessary ongoing maintenance of the equipment. Working together, we decide upon the most cost effective and efficient schedule of equipment maintenance. We will even manage the facility for our Sponsorship Clients if desired. In some circumstances, we may offer free services and products to help a facility run more efficiently. For example, we may offer treadmill savers and power protection.

Giving back to communities through health and wellness makes a meaningful and long-lasting difference to individuals, families and to society as a whole. Fitness and recreation improve physical and mental health, and this has a positive ripple effect on an entire community.

If you would like to start the fitness wave in your community but budget is holding you back, contact us at Andrew Cooper Inc. We are happy to help in a meaningful way.

Fort MaKay First Nations Rec Centre

We have been working with Fitness Mechanics for the last decade. They have been reliable and trustworthy with our equipment and their recycling program shows how much they care for small communities. Thank you for keeping our facility running smoothly.

-Stefany Guillen

Ponoka Composite High School in Ponoka, Alberta

Through the Fitness Mechanics’ sponsorship program, a long standing client, Ponoka Composite High School, received a complete functional training rig system with attachments. The rig was custom built for the youth to assist in educating them about free weight and body weight exercises. This versatile piece of equipment gives the youth at Ponoka High School an opportunity to learn and practice modern health concepts and create positive fitness habits that will stay with them for a lifetime. The rig will be used by the sports teams as well as the Physical Education classes.

Gillam Recreation Center in Gillam, Manitoba

Fitness Mechanics worked closely with Manitoba Hydro where our primary project objective was to design and construct additions and renovations to the facility allowing it to serve the Gillam community for the next 50 years.

As the sponsor for the redevelopment of the fitness facility within Gillam Recreation Centre, we had the opportunity to supply various types of sports, recreation and fitness equipment. The 19,000 square foot Community Centre addition was comprised of several new areas including the fitness centre and change rooms. Changes were also made to the existing gymnasium, curling rink, hockey arena and grandstands. All of these areas benefited from the items Fitness Mechanics donated.

In addition to equipment, Fitness Mechanics also donated use of their exclusive scheduling and reporting software to aid in the process of check ins and room rentals.