Fitness Mechanics has a proven track record in providing a full range of services, whether you’re looking for a gym or recreational area in a residential, institutional, or commercial setting.

No job is too small – or too big – for our highly trained staff.

Preventative Maintenance

Fitness Mechanics has been providing preventative maintenance service Canada for over a decade. We were the first company to build the first automated treadmill health calculator which functions off data inputs to predict expected failures. From there we were able to use our technology to incorporate Corrective Maintenance, Periodic Maintenance, Zero Hours Maintenance and Predictive Maintenance service Red Deer in combination with a number of other data inputs to create a leading edge Preventative Maintenance Program.

Equipment Maintenance

Keeping that treadmill or elliptical trainer up and running is easier when you take advantage of Fitness Mechanics’ preventative and reactive services. Whether it’s cleaning, adjustments, or lubrication, we can service and provide equipment and tracking reports that will help keep operating costs and breakdowns to a minimum.

Equipment Repair

There’s plenty of used equipment out there, and Fitness Mechanics is highly regarded for our restoration and repair services. Our consultants can help you decide whether your old gym equipment can be brought back to life, and whether it’s worth the resources to do so.

Warranty Services

Your investment in new equipment is safe when you purchase from us. Our trained technicians are warranty-approved on a broad range of product lines, making services and repairs as simple as picking up the phone.

Need Service?

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We operate out of Red Deer, and service anywhere in Alberta.

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Delivery & Installation


Fitness Mechanics’ fully insured delivery crews provide an unparalleled level of care and attention to detail as they assemble, install, and set up your fitness equipment. Our delivery and installation process isn’t complete until your equipment has been fully tested and certified for use.


Fitness Mechanics can take the hassle out of your next move by removing your workout equipment from its current home and installing it at a new location. Just as with a new equipment purchase, our safe and courteous staff can set you up for a stress-free transition to whatever destination you’ve chosen, be it residential, commercial, a fitness facility, or anywhere else.

Gym Layout & Design

If your office is moving into a new space, a corporate fitness center can be a real benefit for your workplace morale and productivity. Fitness Mechanics can help you make the most of your available space with our facility layout and design services. Our full-service approach will ensure functionality and flow to make your workout space a joy to visit and use regularly. Whether it’s a recently vacated room at home, an office space upgrade a commercial fitness center, or an institutional setting we will ensure your workout space is efficient, effective and safe.

Safety Consultation

Workout facilities are great for your home or business, but injuries can be an unwelcome byproduct for those who don’t prepare. Fitness Mechanics builds safety right into their layout and design with gym safety consulting services, and we can also help you determine the safety of the fitness setup you’re currently using. An itemized thorough breakdown of your fitness facility can get you back on track and help you move forward with your fitness plans.

Purchase Consulting

If you’ve never owned training or recreational fitness equipment before, we can help you determine your goals, needs, and preferences and then suggest the equipment, or combination of pieces, that will get you to those fitness goals without exhausting your budget.

If you are looking to upgrade, we can help you find the perfect fit, not only for your workout needs, but for your exercise space too.

Equipment Trade-ins

You may decide your current equipment isn’t meeting your needs but it’s not ready for retirement quite yet. Trade it in instead, or take advantage of our exercise equipment recycling program, in which we take unwanted equipment, repair it, service it, and make it available to deserving groups in need.


Fitness Mechanics is devoted to helping everyone achieve their fitness visions. Whether it is offering fitness classes red deer, gym orientations and consulting for corporate gym owners, corporate training programs for corporate employees who are interested in a specialized program, or personal trainer red deer, customized training programs for you at home, Fitness Mechanics can help!

Fitness Mechanics is aware that a large percentage of people enjoy training in the comfort of their own homes. We can help you feel younger, live longer, strengthen your self-esteem and confidence, and improve your physique. We will design an online training program that specifically fits your goals, without the hassle of going to a gym.

Fitness Mechanics offers a full line of fitness related services, including:

  • Weight loss and mass gaining programs
  • Power and strength programs
  • Functional strength and injury prevention programs
  • Advanced athletic programs for all sports and levels
  • Lifestyle programs for all ages
  • Personalized nutrition plans
  • 24/7 access to a trainer via internet and e-mail
  • Corporate orientations and training programs
  • Corporate rates and sign up

Gym Orientations and Consulting

The purpose of our orientations is to educate and guide those who use fitness facilities. It is important that all employees are aware of all safety concerns and have knowledge on proper ergonomics and equipment use. Our team will go through each piece of equipment and demonstrate how an exercise is to be done, along with ways to make it more or less challenging.  We also give advice and tips to those who want guidance with their own individual fitness goals, whether they want to lose weight or better understand nutrition or any of our offered services.

Online Training Programs

Having experts for online personal training red deer is inexpensive and allows for flexibility. Our online trainers’ ultimate goal is to help you improve your quality of life and change your mentality. It’s about inspiring our clients to change their mindset, their inner self, their physical self, and help them achieve their full potential in life. Our online trainers utilize high-intensity low-volume training in a way never before seen. We provide the perfect solutions for your questions like " online personal training near me" as we incorporate a high-intensity training style with easy-to-follow, solid nutrition programs, geared towards meeting your specific fitness needs. We will motivate you to make positive choices so you will achieve your desired results quickly.

Corporate Training Programs

Fitness Mechanics is a leading provider of corporate fitness training programs for the betterment of employee health. With a wide range of classes, tailored to suit any business, our goal is to help employees gain the motivation, knowledge and skills they need to live a healthier lifestyle. We offer a comprehensive range of corporate fitness classes, ranging from strength and conditioning sessions to yoga and Pilates classes. Our classes are designed to improve physical and mental performance and overall wellbeing. We believe that investing in our employees’ health is essential to the success of any business.

Group Fitness & Personal Training

Example Classes for Fitness:

  • Yoga: Yin, Hatha, and Vinyasa Yoga, Lower Back Mobility
  • Cardio: Power Circuit, Tabata, Cross fit, Bootcamp, Spin, Cardio Dance Fitness
  • MMA: Boxing Rounds, MMA Style Training
  • Strength: Pilates and Core Strength, Kettlebells, Resistance Training, and Strength and Conditioning

In both Personal Training and Group Fitness, our Certified Recreation Coordinators available and on hand daily for weight room management and supervision, class instruction, personal training, customer service, equipment safety inspections, programming, advertising, facilitating events, etc. Coordinators are available to work 10 hours daily.

Quality Control & Verification

Quality Control Program

Recreation Coordinators will complete regular checklists of activities, duties and expectations, providing a measurable and observable work paradigm.

Director and/or Program Director onsite monthly to review:

  • Health and Safety program
  • Service consistency
  • Service Reliability
  • Quality of Life/ Client Satisfaction
  • Continue to build positive relationships with Entegra

Monthly Director/ Program Director Summary will be submitted along with regular monthly reporting

Compliance Verification Self Assessment

Self assessment will be made available to review with client upon request during monthly Quality Control Site Visit.

Daily Coordinator Log sheets will be used to confirm Coordinator hours to asses and verify SLA critical item Recreation Programming.

PM checklists and 30 day equipment Register will be used to determine SLA critical item Preventative Maintenance.

CM checklist will be compared to RAIL to asses SLA critical item Corrective Maintenance.

TV’s, Touch Screens, Communication Boards, Mind/Body App, And Napkin holders will be reviewed during Quality Control Site Visit to verify SLA critical item Communication.

Recreation & Leisure

  • Inflatable Jousting
  • 4 Person Tug of War
  • Sumo Suits
  • Mud Run
  • Calf Dummy Roping
  • Strength Competition
  • Tournaments for Pool, PingPong, Foosball, etc.

Leisure Activities are an awesome way for guests and staff to get together in a relaxed atmosphere.

Fitness Mechanics is happy to facilitate and advertise for UFC Fight Night & other PPV events purchased by the client.


I would recommend Fitness Mechanics based on my experience both personally and in business. The success that has resonated through our company, personally and with my boys, is a testimonial to the great support from Fitness Mechanics.

We particularly appreciate the annual preventive Maintenance Program whereby Fitness Mechanics schedules periodic inspection and maintenance visits. This program has allowed us to maintain a high level of serviceability on our limited and aging equipment. We also value Fitness Mechanics' prompt and efficient repair service: when we schedule an appointment, they show up; when repairs are needed, they provide a estimate, then, if authorized repair it quickly.