Fitness Mechanics


Leave your briefcase at home because at Fitness Mechanics Inc we work hard both in and out of the gym! You'll spend your days bringing fitness and recreation into the lives of thousands of people. We value Franchise owners who aim to grow and lead while being creative and intuitive on a daily basis.

We take your passion for engineering, manufacturing or equipment functionality to a new level. Use your strong knowledge of fitness and recreation equipment and join our highly creative, passionate, hardworking team today!

Andrew Cooper himself is a firm believer that Napoleon Hill said it best, “It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed.” He has built Fitness Mechanics into a team of highly committed, loyal and diverse individuals all driven toward achieving the same dream he holds. Fitness Mechanics is devoted to helping everyone achieve their fitness visions; be it personal, commercial or corporate.

Fitness Mechanics' staff work directly with you from the very beginning. Our job is to prepare you for the business adventure you are about to embark on.



Training for Success at Fitness Mechanics starts with just that…training… and we have made it our priority to have the best training programs in the industry. Our team of professionals are continually building on our revolutionary in-house training program that will not only aid and assist our Franchise Owners with their businesses, but it will be extended down through different levels of employment within the franchises.

Employees will be fully trained from orientation through their career path. Engineers and Service Technicians will be able to track their hours towards their designations and allocate internal training into their designation allowances. Our certification programs will provide CEC's for anyone requiring them. Team Leads and Managers will be able to recommend different levels of training to their teams for educational purposes or advancement opportunities. Franchise Owners will have access to both providing and taking any of the training within our database.

Beyond the company training, Franchise Owners will be provided exclusive access to training programs designed specifically to aid them with their Franchise Models. From Time Management to Project Management and much more, our training tools will maximize the quality, service standard and professional conduct our Franchises are held to while optimizing sales and profits.


Fitness Mechanics is in a unique position within the fitness industry. With over 30 Years of experience in residential and commercial aspects of service and sales, we have had the ability to build our database of commercial opportunities. Special teams have been hard at work sourcing out leads in each of the prospective Franchise areas. Our leads are vetted with qualified sales professionals and provide a unique starting point for our Franchise Owners. Because the leads have already been provided to the Franchise Owner there is an expected amount of revenue anticipated from which royalties have been pre-calculated within the Franchise Agreements. The leads we provide will allow for an unparalleled advantage within the market for the Franchise Owners. These contributions to the business success are dependent on marketing and sales fees being paid appropriately, and on time.


The purchase of your Franchise will allow you exclusive access to our website. The website has been built by our team and provides a professional business management system. Our system is called the Common Efficiency System, or the CES. The CES has been built as a CRM and Asset Management tool. It is a system of documents and forms that have been digitized and adapted into software-based processes. Those processes provide superior operational task and project management controls as well as a major plus for any ISO or Safety professionals.

The capabilities of the CES include both online and offline functionality as it is a web app (runs in a web browser and uses web technology to complete tasks over the internet). The software has been designed by our in-house IT specialists and is considered our proprietary technology. This system controls your assets, employees, and documentation. It provides a virtual tool for scheduling, accounting and payroll, meeting the needs for Human Resources, Safety and Quality legislation.

Additionally, it provides support for Engineering, Manufacturing and IT departments and processes. All of these features help your business with its supply chain, legalities, marketing and sales efforts. Our software is a one of a kind; simple yet powerful; a platform to help manage and provide your Franchise with growth opportunity.


Location is of the utmost importance to Fitness Mechanics. Andrew Cooper himself will be assisting each Franchise Owner with the site selection and lease negotiations to help ensure each location starts out on the right foot. We will guide you through the entire set up and layout of the facility as well as interior design.


Fitness Mechanics has an extensive network of over 125 Canadian and American vendors and suppliers offering highly competitive prices on the top fitness, recreation and sports equipment in the industry. Selected for their quality products and service, our vendors will provide all you need to succeed in your franchise. You will have access to all of the top product lines we have access to through our online ordering portal.


Because of your exclusive access to our software and staff specialists, you will have access to almost any type of business set up tools you need. We provide you with the Franchise model to start (forms, documents and manuals) and the training to begin. From there we assist you with procurement and service input to help establish your Franchise and start bringing in new customers. As you begin to work your supply chain and grow your Franchise, we provide ongoing and advanced training for management and team leads. You will have complete access to our engineering, manufacturing and service experts to help make your dreams a reality. Our goal is to make this as easy as possible.


The Franchise owners we are looking for have an overall business and project management background as well as some relevant sports, fitness and recreation experience. While we won’t say you need 12 years of running a business to qualify, we will be asking each individual applicant to specify why they are perfect for the Franchise opportunity and to validate the experiences they have.

Relevant personal qualities include a genuine enjoyment of an active lifestyle along with good communication skills. Being able to relate to our customers and their needs is essential in establishing a connection and mutual understanding of what they are looking for. All of these personal and business qualities will be in addition to the financial stipulations listed below.

Fitness Mechanics reserves the right to decline investors, partnerships of any type, and corporations from entering into a Franchise agreement at this time.


With the outstanding packages our Franchisees receive, comes great expectation. Each Franchise Owner will be provided with a Franchise Model in their orientation with Fitness Mechanics. The Franchise Model will present a multi-channel sales process to drive immediate sales. In addition to the aspects stated within the Franchise Model, each Franchise Owner is expected to go out into their communities and invent ways to give back. Contributions to our green programs and sponsorship opportunities are to be presented, at minimum annually, as a contribution to local communities in the franchises’ immediate area. It is also important to Fitness Mechanics that a personal connection isn't lost, and where possible, meeting our clients in person is imperative. We realize it may not always be possible, but where it is, we encourage our Franchise Owners to maintain a level of personal connection.


Franchise Owners are responsible for accurate reporting to the Headquarters on the basis established within their Franchise Agreement. These reports are evaluated monthly for growth opportunity. Internal Franchise Teams work very closely with the Franchise Owners to ensure that we are all working towards the same goals and targeting the same growth opportunities. In addition to financial evaluations, each Franchise will fall under the Safety and Quality programs established at Fitness Mechanics and will be subject to the regulatory auditing that is required. Franchise Owners will need to familiarize themselves with the programs they are required to be in compliance with.