Our fitness management software offers a cloud-based solution to help clients efficiently manage their exercise equipment, areas, assets, and patrons.

We also offer one of the best facility and asset management software canada which helps clients optimize their costs and streamline their processes. It integrates all aspects of physical asset management, such as inventory control, asset tracking, and equipment maintenance and repair. This software also allows businesses to track occupant safety and security, and to manage space utilization.

Maintenance Program

Client Feedback

Asset ID Stickers (QR Codes)

  • Guests can scan to directly report issue with machine.
  • Rec Coordinators can scan to report issue and view current work orders. And log all preventative maintenance performed.
  • Client can scan to view full equipment history, and impending work orders.
  • Fitness Mechanics can scan to view complete maintenance history associated with machine. They can also input information and work completed and this information gets tagged and included in client summary report.


  • Reporting an issue is made easy with a fillable form.
  • After submitting the details, a message is sent directly to Fitness Mechanics notifying them of any issue with the asset.
  • Fitness Mechanics can then use this report for a follow-up with the user or any corrective action that may be needed with the asset.

Once A Scan Of The Sticker Is Made…

  • Asset ID Number is located on sticker for reference.
  • QR Code for scanning of asset and submitting any issues directly to Fitness Mechanics.
  • Phone number to call located below to reach out to us for any reason.

Recreation Software

Software Solutions

  • Facility Management and maintenance software
  • Safety tools - Automated service orders, work permits, Tool Box Forms, Vehicle logs, JSA generation, journey Management plans, FLHA’s and more
  • Digital Service Forms - complete with materials lists, asset overview and embedded HD, infrared imagery & video
  • Asset management module, cost tracking, digital service order generation, Digital asset Reporting and asset ID’s
  • Digitalized Client/Patron feedback functions
  • Client Audit Login with integrated Purchasing solution
  • Cloud based work flows with offline capability’s
  • Employee ticketing and time card functions
  • Parts and service catalogue with onsite estimate generation
  • Thermal and ultrasonic inspection support and artificial intelligence integration
  • Logistics tracking and reporting with inventory functions
  • Worlds first treadmill health calculator
  • Browser Based, Desktop and Mobile Friendly
recreation software

Virtual Training System

24/7 Training and Program Access

Why Virtual?

Some guests dont have the ability to hit the gym during training hours! Our programs are available whenever the client is able and ready and can be accessed through any internet connection. Data and reports can produce amazing results through guest accountability.

  • Our virtual training programs give guests access to a personal account for tracking and accountability reports
  • Our world class trainers will build the programs and meal plans
  • Guests will input their data relative to workouts and meals which will be saved within thier account
  • Our system will compile the data and produce progress reports

Portal System

login page

User friendly log in screen allows for access from anu internet platform

Patrons have the ability to create their own accounts and access scheduling platforms when their schedules allow.

Lodges have access to invoices, work orders, HSEQ information and assets. New functions also include the ability to contract trace and report.

Guests have the ability to rate their experiences and provide real time feedback to the lodges about their experiences.

Features Menu

Scheduling Software Platform

lightbulb guy teacher
  • Complete customization on colors, graphics, logos, feeds, documents and more!
  • Full control over booking windows, rooms, equipment dining room tables, theatre, assets, buildings & more.
  • Accurate and detailed reporting of usage & COVID-19 contact tracing for management including an export feature.
  • Completely paperless functionality replaces binders of paperwork and guest frustrations.
  • Patron log in showing detailed history and upcoming appointments.
  • Patron validation pass - can be assigned to any asset or any room (ie. darts, basketball, billiards, treadmills, etc).